The amazing beauty found in nature has always captivated Tracey Adams, Duo Design Group's founder and principal landscape architect. As a young child she had many interests but as she grew up and started thinking about what she could do to earn a living, she discarded the "less practical" ones and initially limited herself to the more practical interests of math and problem solving. For these reasons, as Tracey neared the end of high school years she set her sites on becoming an architect. It was then that she discovered landscape architecture. It was in reading about this field that she discovered that all of her interests would be satisfied, even the apparently "less practical" ones like art and nature.

Once she earned her BS in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, she embarked on a journey that took her to various firms exposing her to the many facets of this interesting field. The majority of her experience resulted in built projects which put her in the field reviewing the ongoing installation of the many aspects of the approved plans. 

In 1994 she opened her own firm. Her vast experience and sheer love of the process from start to finish is infectious to her clients. She counts herself as one of the fortunate ones to have found a "job" that she loves.




It's all about you...

 Simply put, "It's all about you", discovering what you want and giving  it to you in a creative, beautiful, and functional manner.  

For our residential clients, we strive to make your outdoors your favorite "room" in your home. It is our passion that your outdoor living experience be everything you felt on your favorite vacation. We are adept at helping you discover and realize your vision for your outdoors.   

For our commercial clients, we endeavor to speak about your company in how we design your landscaping, from the parking lot to the front door.

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